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What's Happening Now

Hippocratia is a number of cultural events that take place in the summer season on the island of Kos for more than 27 years. They are for all ages and embrace every type of entertainment and any kind of cultural expression.

They start in early June and end at the end of October. They include cultural events that honor the traditions and customs of the island, church events honoring Christianity, theatrical performances and group activities for children, art exhibitions, concerts of classical and traditional music, as well as concerts.

  • Hippocratic Oath

    Hippocratic Oath

    Among the events that keep alive the traditions and customs of the island, the representation of Hippocratic Oath is well known and is held every year at Asklepieion.

  • The Honey Festival

    The Honey Festival

    The honey celebration that culminates in August in Antimahia, where they share traditional local “diples” with honey with live Greek music playing in the background.

  • Asclepion


    What makes “Hippocratia” so unique and enchanting are the places where the events take place - Asclepion, this historic monument where Hippocrates taught medicine and the imposing castle of Neratzia in the center of the city as well as Eleftherias Square with the historic beauty and the picturesque square of Antimachia.

  • Theatre

    Theatre "Sfageio" & the Medieval Castle

    Theatrical performances that take place at the Theatre - multiplex "Sfageio" and the Medieval Castle, as well as the art and painting exhibitions at the Jewish Synagogue have cultural status.

  • Sports Events

    Sports Events

    The last few years sport “Hippocratia” have also been established, where various sports events are organized, such as beach volley tournaments in Tigkaki and basketball and martial arts tournaments in the Kos indoors Gym.

  • Religious events

    Religious events

    Religious events include church Vespers and the feast of the Assumption on August 14.

The combination of quality events along with the unique setting offered by the island’s monuments, give the visitors one more reason to attend the “Hippocratia” during their holidays in Kos.