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Frequently Asked Questions

We know your time is valuable. So we've created this list of common questions along with detailed responses from our Customer Care team. In most cases you'll find a quick and comprehensive answer to your question.

Do you require help to book online?

I keep getting a credit card error whilst trying to book, what do I do?

Kos Activities booking process is completely automated and all credit card transactions are 100% secure. If your credit card is generating a consistent error, verify that your card has not expired. You may also contact the card issuer to confirm your monthly spending limit has not been exceeded. Otherwise, we recommend you complete the booking using a different credit card. For further assistance contact our Customer Care.

Can I book over the telephone?

Kos Activities is an online booking service and we offer 24 hour, 7 days a week customer care via email to support your booking questions. Our goal is to respond to each query we receive within 3 hours. Occasionally it may take up to 8 hours to reply. To make a booking over the phone, our call center is open 7 days a week: Mon - Fri, 8:00am-9:00pm, Sat & Sun our call center is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Can you check availability for me?

Availability differs depending on the type of travel service booked. On each tour & activity information page, under the heading Additional Information the first line indicates whether a product will be instantly confirmed to you, and hence available, or if Kos Activities has to check with its travel service provider to receive confirmation within 3 hours. Availability cannot be automatically checked prior to processing your reservation request.

Where can I get Travel Insurance?

Kos Activities does not offer Travel Insurance. You should seek the advice from your local licensed Travel Agent or Insurance Company for a quotation. We strongly recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance.

Can I book this when I get there?

Kos Activities products can only be booked online. It is recommended you pre book your travel service to avoid disappointment as many of the tours and products are popular, and can be sold out early. If you wish you may wait and book at the destination.

Do you have a question related to this travel service?

What are the cancellation rules for these bookings?

This information can be found in the Terms and Conditions field on the top of home page. Simply click on the link Terms and Conditions and read through the information to find the points you need.

What hotels does this tour pick up from?

If you have already bought pick up from your Hotel, you will be advised confirmation time. Please call our number 24 hours prior to confirm your hotel pick up details.

I'm not staying in a hotel, what is the closest pick up point? Do you pick up from private residences?

Most of our drivers do not pick up from private residences. You will need to provide the nearest major hotel to where you are staying, and enter these details as the pickup in your booking request. Alternatively you can make your way to the main departure point listed on the tour & activity information page under the Schedule Details section.

Can I get dropped off after my tour to my hotel or in the city?

This depends on the travel service provider and will need to be asked directly to them on the day of the tour. Most drivers can drop you to a major hotel or city location, depending on their schedule on the day. You will need to check directly with them at the destination, prior to or on the day of travel.

Where is the meeting point for my tour?

The meeting point for the beginning of every travel service can be found on the tour & activity information page, under the Schedule Details section. Extra information may also be contained under the heading Additional Info on this same page. If you need directions to this point, please contact us 24-48 hours prior to your confirmed departure date on our numbers.

Do I need a passport to participate for this tour?

The only excursion you will need your passport is for Bodrum as we visit another country.

What languages are available for this tour?

The majority of the tours and services provided by Kos Activities are available in English and Dutch. If another language is available, this will be mentioned in the tour / activity description and pricing information. In some cases, you may be able to select a language option (where available).

I don't know what date I'm traveling yet, can I book a product and leave it open dated?

The majority of travel services provided by Kos Activities must have a pre booked date designated in order for the travel supplier to cater for passengers. Of course you can book a date for an excursion and make your amendments when you finalize your traveling dates.

I'd like a customized tour for myself and/or my group

Kos Activities offers a wide range of individual tours, events and attractions, however we can arrange customized tours. If you require something a little different to what's available online in our product range, please contact us through Customer care.

Does this tour pick up from the airport?

Most day tours and sightseeing tours do not offer airport pickups. Kos airport are located well away from the city centre and tour operators cannot offer a pickup service from these areas.

When do I receive confirmation of my booking?

The confirmation process depends upon the booking conditions. These are explained in the Additional Information field, located on the tour & activity information page. Most tours are confirmed at time of booking, however others will be advised to you within 12-48 hours. If confirmation or otherwise is not received within 48 hours, please contact Kos Activities Customer Care for further assistance.

Do you have a question about your existing Kos Activities booking?

I don't have a printer to print the voucher, what do I do?

Most Kos Activities tours no longer require a paper voucher. Check the "Voucher Information" section on the product pages to see if your tour qualifies for an electronic voucher (which you can access from your Confirmation Email or from your Kos Activities account). Alternatively, log into your account and navigate to the "My Bookings" section. There you will find your current bookings, with links to email or fax a voucher to yourself or your hotel. If you are still having problems please contact Kos Activities Customer Care who will advise options for receiving a printout of your voucher.

Is there a contact number for me to call?

Yes. Once you have a confirmed booking, all the details of your travel service provider are located on your Kos Activities voucher under the heading Important Information.

Where do I exchange my voucher?

This information can be found under the heading Important Information or in the Confirmation Details on your voucher. This voucher acts as your ticket. Simply present this at the start then enjoy your travel service. Please note that many Kos Activities tours now accept e-vouchers, which allow you to present your voucher on a Smartphone.

Is there any parking near the departure point?

If you are driving to your departure point, Kos Activities cannot guarantee there is available free parking. When you have a confirmed booking, there are direct numbers listed for the travel service provider on your voucher. You can call these numbers and they will be happy to help you with your specific questions about parking in the area. Otherwise book a transfer and be sure.

What time does my tour depart?

Your tour departure information can be found on your voucher under the heading Important Information, or in the Confirmation Details. If there is no time listed, you will be required to call us at least 24 hours prior to your departure date to reconfirm your tour meeting point and departure time.

What do I do with the voucher?

When you have completed your booking, check to see if your tour/activity requires a paper voucher or if it accepts e-vouchers. Although we are a eco friendly company we recommend that you always print and bring a paper copy of your voucher as a back-up. You can simply present your e-voucher on your Smartphone on the day of travel. Alternatively, if your tour/activity only accepts paper vouchers, then it is essential that you print your travel voucher and include it with all of your other documentation. This voucher is unique to your booking and is your proof of purchase.

Do you need to change, amend or cancel your Kos Activities booking?

What are the cancellation rules for these bookings?

This information can be found in the Terms and Condition field on the tour & activity information page, or at the top of most pages.

Can I change/amend my booking?

It may be possible to amend your booking; however this depends upon the type of amendment required and is at the discretion of the travel service provider. Contact Kos Activities Customer Care with your current booking number and specific details of your amendment, and we will be able to advise if the change/amendment is possible.

What do I do if I am delayed for my tour?

Refer to the contact details listed on your voucher and contact us for instructions. There is a possibility that you will be able to join your tour on another day as long as it is not fully booked. Please allow sufficient time, whenever possible, to reach the departure point in time for your tour. Otherwise book a transfer to be sure.

What happens if it rains or the excursion is canceled on the day?

Unless the weather directly affects the travel service you have booked, all travel services will operate as scheduled. In the case where an excursion is cancelled on the day we will process full refund back to you accordingly.

What happens if when I get there, the tour is not running due to unforeseen circumstances?

In the case where an excursion is not running on the day due to unforeseen circumstances we will process full refund back to you accordingly. Please notify Kos Activities Customer Care via email including your booking reference number.

I need to cancel my booking

Not all excursions can be canceled at no cost. Please read through the Terms and conditions located at the top of most pages regarding cancellation fees. Please read all information to find the points you need. If you decide to proceed with the cancellation request, please contact our Customer Care with your current booking number and specific details of your request, and we will be able to advice of any cancellation charges.